Isn't Life Crazy


This first month of the new year has been a crazy roller-coaster of a ride. You will hear me refer to life as a roller-coaster or as a road. This month it has been a roller-coast the went off track and has me going down a new road. With everything that has gone on, I know that it has all happened for a reason and that I am just heading down a new path in life. Everything happens for a reason. I was in hospital for a week and had to drop my semester in college as I in total was off school for two weeks and I couldn't get caught up on my studies. There by taking this semester off and waiting to restart the next one that comes around which I believe will be in the summer. Then some other crappy things have happened and it just seems to get worse and worse but I know that everything is going to work out in the end. I just have to go with the flow and not let myself spiral into the down spiral of the dark abyss. So for the mean time I am starting up some groups and classes to keep me busy.


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